The current Terms of Use, General Conditions of Sale and Privacy Policy regulate the website www. (from now on the Web Site) whose owner is Eva Merino Herreros (from now on Evitaloquepuedas).

The headquarters of Evitaloquepuedas are placed in Madrid, in San esteban de Gormaz st., 11, 28033.

General considerations

The web browsing specified here. The access to the Web Site is conditioned by the previous reading and approval, by any user, of the terms, conditions and politics contained in the legal information section of this web.

El acceso y posterior uso del Sitio Web implicará la conformidad expresa del usuario a todas las acepciones legales anteriormente citadas, de forma expresa, plena y sin reservas, en la totalidad de su contenido. El usuario se declara mayor de 18 años y facultado de la capacidad jurídica suficiente para vincularse a las presentes condiciones generales. Igualmente, acepta de forma expresa y sin excepciones que el acceso y el uso del Sitio Web, de sus servicios y contenidos se realiza bajo su única y exclusiva responsabilidad.

The access and back use of the Web Site will involve the user’s specific agreement with all the legal meanings mentioned, in a full, specific and unqualified way, in its entire content. The user declares to be over 18 years of age, having enough legal capacity to join the current general conditions. The user accepts, as well, in an specific way and without exceptions that the access and use of the Web Site, its services and contents is made under his/her own and only responsibility.  

The access to the Web Site, trough the URL is free for users and its display doesn’t mean any previous subscription or register. However, the recruitment of the services and the purchase of the products offered in the Web Site require the user’s register, in the terms specified in the registration form, which complete the current legal bases.

If the user wouldn’t agree with the content of the current browse conditions, he/she must abandon the Web Site, not enjoying the services offered.

EVITALOQUEPUEDAS has the right to modify, any moment, the configuration of the current Web Site, the service conditions and its content, as well as delete, limit or suspend it temporarily or definitely, or prevent the access to them, trying to report the user about these changes, whenever circumstances allow it, by publishing in the Web Site.

It’s recommended for the user to read the current legal bases periodically in order to be informed about these modifications.

Object of the Web Site

The current Web Site has been developed in benefit of the final consumers, established in the area of Peninsula, Balearic islands, Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla. At the moment, is necessary to ask before making international orders.

The services offered in the Web Site are not focused on wholesale companies, distributors, purchasing groups, big surfaces or any professional intermediary from the fashion sector or similars.

Through the Web Site, EVITALOQUEPUEDAS provides information about its products and services and offers the possibility of their acquisition and recruitment.  

Rights and obligations of evitaloquepuedas

EVITALOQUEPUEDAS has adopted all the possible measures to avoid violent contents or which can affect users sensitivity, with painful contents for the civic conditions, human rights or people’s dignity.

As the service provider, EVITALOQUEPUEDAS must offer the servers exposed in the Web Site, ensuring efficiently the secret informations which could exist with the user. In the same way, it’s committed to answer the claims which eventually could arise. In case that maintenance, reparation, update or improvement tasks have to be done, EVITALOQUEPUEDAS has the right to suspend, temporarily and without any need of advance notice, the access to the Web Site. As well, it reserves its right to bring or cancel its services, communicating it to the customers whenever circumstances allow it.

The intellectual property rights over the current Web Site belong to EVITALOQUEPUEDAS. The exclusive exercise of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation belong to this company.  


At all times, the user has to do a lawful use of the services of the Web Site, according to the current legislation, respecting the intellectual property right of EVITALOQUEPUEDAS and third parties. The user, as well, ensures that the activities developed through the Web Site will fit the law, the moral, the public order, the good manners and in no case will be offensive for the good name and the brand image of EVITALOQUEPUEDAS, the physical persons participating in the offer of the products, another web users and third parties.

The user won’t make, through the services provided by EVITALOQUEPUEDAS, any action that could damage or disturb the content, and he/she won’t hinder the good operation of the Web Site. The user will commit to not cause technical problems of any kind, not transferring elements which contain malware or able to damage, interfere or intercept, totally or partially, the Web Site, not intervening or disturbing the access data of any kind from the rest of users.

The responsibility of the user about the truthfulness of the data entered in the Web Site or other communication channels with EVITALOQUEPUEDAS is exclusive. So, if that information was false or inexact, by any circumstance, EVITALOQUEPUEDAS reserves its right to ban the access to the Web Site.  

The user can be registered as a user in the Web Site. Once fulfilled and accepted the register form, EVITALOQUEPUEDAS will provide him/her the identification codes and the necessary passwords to operate in EVITALOQUEPUEDAS, being identified as a general user.

It is responsibility of the registered User to lend the diligence due to prevent the access and/or use of the Web with his/her own access data by third parties.

The registered user, as well, is the only responsible of the choice, loss, subtraction or the unauthorized use of any identification code or password and the consequences this can origin. Anyway, its use must be lawful and according to the terms of use specified in this document. The user could unsubscribe in any moment and automatically as a user of the Web Site, not having this decision retroactive effects. The user will have to communicate it by e-mail ( or in his/her EVITALOQUEPUEDAS profile.

Exclusion of guarantees and responsibilities for the running of the Web Site and its services

The Web Site is a platform which is daily updated. Although the system where is developed over is able to do these operations not leaving its normal functioning for the users, sometimes it could happen that its services and its use by the users, may not be available due to many causes.

EVITALOQUEPUEDAS will not be responsible for damages of any kind deriving from the availability and technical continuity of the operation of the Web Site. EVITALOQUEPUEDAS has set the course in order to save in our database all the users data, according to the Data Protection Agency rules. We’ll never provide this data to third parties. EVITALOQUEPUEDAS, through the safe commerce, ensures the security of purchases.

EVITALOQUEPUEDAS, as well, shall not be responsible for the possible errors or deficiencies in the security of the visitor’s browser, which may be an outdated or insecure version, as it is not responsible for activating security mechanisms for keys or user codes on the browser, or for the damages, errors or inaccuracies which could arise from the malfunctioning of the same.

To guarantee the integrity, the confidentiality and the availability of the user’s personal data, EVITALOQUEPUEDAS will keep this information away from third parties, with the technical organizational and appropriate measures.

Although EVITALOQUEPUEDAS has taken all the suitable measures to guarantee security in this regard, it can neither control nor guarantee the absence of virus or other elements in the content of this WEBSITE which could cause alteration to the user’s computer system (software and hardware) and/or to electronic documents and files stored in their computer systems.

Users accept that this Web Site has been created and developed in good faith by EVITALOQUEPUEDAS with information coming from internal and external sources which appears “as it is” to the users, and may contain inaccuracies or errors. Therefore, the user will exonerate EVITALOQUEPUEDAS  of any kind of responsibility as regards its reliability, utility or any false expectations given rise to by the Site when they visit the same.

Intellectual property

EVITALOQUEPUEDAS reserves the copyright on the content and design of this website, and in particular, Including, but not limited, over the brand names, commercial names, logos, texts, photographs, images, graphic design, data included in the web, menus, colors, schemes, tools and web design, being protected from infringement by both local and international legislation related to the intellectual or industrial property.

All the programs used for the development of the Web Site are property of EVITALOQUEPUEDAS and are protected by both local and international legislation related to the intellectual or industrial property. It is forbidden the total or partial copying, direct or indirect, in any support or format  without the express permission of EVITALOQUEPUEDAS. Any copying, reproduction, adaptation, modification, distribution, commercialization, public communication or any other unauthorized use according to both local and international legislation is prohibited.

All trademarks and logos appearing on the Site are the property of EVITALOQUEPUEDAS.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

All the legal bases referred in the section “Legal Information” (General Information, Terms of use, General Conditions of Sale and the Privacy Policy) and the contract shall be regulated by the Spanish law. The parties submit themselves, at their own risk,  to the resolution of conflicts with an express waiver of any other jurisdiction, subject themselves to the Tribunals and Courts of the user’s domicile and/or as CONFIANZA ONLINE, and under the terms of its Ethical Code, in the case of controversy relating to contracting and advertising online, data protection, protection of minors and accessibility, the user may turn to CONFIANZA ONLINE’s out-of-court controversy resolution system (